Printing Express — Queens NY, New York City

Printing Express offers high-quality affordable printing services in Queens, New York. Whether you need a large quantity of color flyers, a new design for your business card or a sharp letterhead that expresses your company’s brand — Printing Express Discover A Lot More

More Limited Prints from Menton3

Doktor Leech opens yet another package from Chicago-based artist Menton3 (Menton Matthews III) this time two more limited edition prints and the book Katabasis from Menton’s solo show at the Last Rites Gallery, NY. This isn’t the first package the Discover A Lot More

3D Printshow 2013: Extra!

A follow-up report by futurist Christopher Barnatt from the 3D Printshow held in November 2013 in London. My main overview of the show is here: The “Top 10 Consumer 3D Printers” video mentioned is now available Discover A Lot More

The Sidewalks of New York: The Documentary

Old songs, New York lyrics and The Sidewalks of New York song history. This film is a documentary that begins with the tale of the famous tune and builds every moment toward the fascinating story behind Governor Al Smith, the most forgotten historical Discover A Lot More

Digital Printing

Creaprint is a Digital Printing House that delivers High Quality Printing Services & Special Visual Effects including New Advertising Ideas & Custom Printing Services to cover Outdoor Printing & Indoor Printing. Outdoor Printing Banner Printing, Discover A Lot More