New York fifteen years after 9/11 | Documentaries

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9/11 – hardly any other date signifies an event and its global consequences to such an extent. Fifteen years later, Americans are still traumatized by the attacks and society deeply divided.

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10 Thoughts on New York fifteen years after 9/11 | Documentaries

  1. 阿西姆

    US is the land full of hypocrites, just few Americans speaks truth , 9/11 was inside job , US is and was under Jewish zionist terrorist attack, Although jews comprise only 2% of the US population , they represnt 33% of the supreme court such as stephen breyer , ruth bader ginsburg , elena kagan , jewish account for 33% of all american's millionaires
    jews also comprise 40% of american's billionaires and 45% of forbes 40 richeset americans , all media is under jewish controlled , Jesus warned about Jewish . american media is misleading which is controlled by jewish

  2. SirStukov

    A building at the US base in Guantanamo was named after him in his honour for getting shot in Iraq… yeah right.. I imagine what kind of building that might be..

  3. aamir scorpio

    There would still be towers at ground zero if they were made of passport. Unfortunately, they were made of steel. Jet fuel can melt steel but not passport!

  4. corben harper

    If the U.S. would stop intimidating, bullying, invading and terrorizing the world then whole 9/11 thing would not have been necessary. Now we're going to have 9/11's into infinity. Which seems to be what our government leadership wants.

  5. Sheryl Caballero

    It is the reptile Bushes, the reptile Clintons and the reptile Obamas that are to be feared not the Muslims.
    The Bushes Clinton's and Obamas must be spineless reptiles otherwise they would not to bear facing the man in the mirror.
    Their day is coming. Vengeance is mine say our Lord.

  6. Filmsandgames Entertainment

    Really sad how the 9/11 conspiracy theorist have taken the darkest day in American history and turned it into propaganda and stupid conspiracy theories.  Their theories go like this.

    1. Theory 1. Drones hit the WTC and the passengers on American 11 and United 175 returned to the airport and got off safely and the hijackers wernt real.
    2. A controlled demolition. Which is hard to do around thousands of people in NYC.
    3. A missile hit the Pentagon and only took out a small section of it. If it were a missles the whole building would have fallen.
    4. The passengers, pilots, flight crew. people in the WTC and Pentagon all staged a fake terrorist attack and they all still alive according to the conspiracy theorist.

    See what I mean. Crazy

  7. The answer is simple…. Respect ! Respect for the new country you have moved to, and,  live in. Respect the laws of that country. If your country and religion expects you're visitors to respect their culture and religion, then hence do the same. Don't try and change their laws because you don't agree with them. If you are asked to remove your burqa , niqab or hijab …. Then remove it ! Just because you are a woman, that's not our issue because of your religion. You cannot have you cake and eat it too ! Because your religion expects you to follows these conditions does not mean that in the new country you have relocated to is going to be the same way. Nor should you push your views if you were in your old country. Move past your religion and learn to believe in the human race… Its that simple !!!

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