Linen Backing Carter The Great – Vintage Magic Poster – CorporateShuffle How do I take care of a vintage magic poster?For long term care of posters they should be “linen-backed.”  Poster paper is naturally acidic. During the process of placing a poster on linen it will be given a wash which de-acifies the poster paper.  The poster will then be placed on a thin sheet of acid-free Japanese rice paper which is mounted to a canvas backing.  A natural wheat paste is used as the adhesive. So a mounted poster consists of three layers.  Approximate costs for mounting a one sheet poster (27″ x 41″), 0.00 – 0.00. This price does not include restoration work.

Question: My poster is on canvas.  Why is it called “linen-backed”?In France at the turn on the century, 1900’s, the people started placing posters on a backing of linen.  Around the world this method become know as “French Linen.”  The Japanese also developed a technique for placing prints on paper.  This method was favored by conservationists.  Because of their light weights, neither method could address the problem of dealing with larger posters.
In New York in the late 1970’s the J. Fields studio began using heavier weight canvas and an 80lb acid free paper.  Most of today’s posters are mounted in this manner.  The materials used are acid-free and neutral.

Once the poster is on canvas, restoration work can be done. Even posters in great condition may need a small amount of work due to fold lines, printing creases, or other small imperfections. Even bigger holes and missing sections can be “restored” by a professional. Keep in mind that the amount of restoration will affect the quality and pricing of the poster.

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