How Cheap could you Build a 3D Printer? – 2015

Normally you can buy a lot of general cheap stuff off of Ebay direct from China, but nowadays now there’s lot of 3D Printing related goodies to find!

In this video I’ll go through some of my favourite finds and we’ll see just how cheap it is to now build your own 3D Printer using the wonders of ebay…

Links from the Video:

Ramps 1.4 Kit –
Bowden E3D Style Extruder –
Pneumatic Push Fitting –
Extruder Drive gear –
Print head (adorable!) –
0.4mm Drill Bit Set –
Acme Screw and Nut –
GT2 Timing Pulleys –
GT2 Timing Belt –
Cheap Geared Stepper Motors –
Easy Stepper Motor Driver –
Arduino Sensor Kit –
Robot Gearmotor –
12V Car Air Raid Siren –

Stepper Motor Unipolar to Bipolar Hack –
Air Raid Siren Demo –

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