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3D printer makes live body parts

Cornell University, Ithaca New York State, USA – 13 February, 2013 1. Wide of rotating 3D scanner scanning grad student in darkened room 2. Tracking shot as laser scans woman’s head 3.Close interior shot of 3D Scanner as low intensity red laser Discover A Lot More

Inside 3D Printing New York 2017 Recap

I ventured out into the snow storm last week to checkout the Inside 3D Printing New York City Expo. I was able to chat with a few of the vendors and help share a little more about what they do. You can find full links to the vendors that were included Discover A Lot More

FormLabs: Inside 3D Printing 2013 NYC

This is Maxim Lobovsky, one of the co-founders of Formlabs, which launched their 3D printer on Their approach to printing 3D objects is stereo-lithography, which yield much smoother surface on objects printed than any other competing Discover A Lot More

3D Printing Ashley Roberts

Ever wanted your own action figure? Ashley heads to Doob 3D to get a look at the future of 3D printing. After getting a scan in SoHo, she heads to the production facility in BKNY to see what it takes to print up. Discover A Lot More

DOOB: 3D Print Yourself

Step inside the Dooblicator and get a 3D-printed replica of yourself. DOOB 3D has developed a practical process for three-dimensional scanning, innovation that has future applications beyond printing scale figurines. Subscribe to FORBES: Check Discover A Lot More