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Starting a T-Shirt Business with DTG

Starting Your Own T-Shirt Business is a great introduction to DTG Printing that shows you the entire process, including ink costs, t-shirt preparation and all the equipment you’ll need. Show on the DTG Viper from Discover A Lot More

high speed t shirt printer

This Printer is a newest created Industrial DTG direct to garment printer. It was built under Epson newest Sure Color T7000 printing technology, 360nozzle per line, total 3600 nozzle, variable ink droplet technology to get a gray scale printing result, Discover A Lot More

Sublimation printing on Tshirts

We dont sell small Desktop printers any more. We are manufacturing mainly Digital textile printers for fabrics. Incase you need complete solution for fabrics printing (Sublimation or Reactive) we can provide the same. Please visit our website…. This Discover A Lot More

tuby rubber white t-shirt digital printing

Tuby Rubber is my handcrafted clothing brand. I am a tailor modeller,graph,freelance designer of my products and also i realize my music and my videoclip all by myself. This video show how i print my clothes using digital printing techniques direct Discover A Lot More