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Digital Summer – While the City Sleeps

Digital Summer – “While the City Sleeps” (Official upload- Audio only) from the album Counting The Hours. Available now on iTunes! ( Also please subscribe to our YouTube channel and “LIKE” Discover A Lot More

Digital City

Concrete on the ground, silicone and steel. Step into the line but you’re not allowed to feel. Uniformed with silk wrapped around your neck pacing back and forth wired with the latest hi-tech. In this digital city I feel cold. I’m just a number another Discover A Lot More

Atmosphere – Digital City

LCS W1 Songs! AAC 320kb/s 96kHz stereo Atmosphere – Digital City Check the whole playlist League of Legends LCS 2013 EU Spring W1 Soundtracks LCS 2013 EU Spring Songs Check out Discover A Lot More

10 Smartest Cities In The World

These are the top 10 “smartest” cities in the world according to their scores in 4 global categories: Innovation, Green Ranking, Quality of Life and Digital City. Subscribe to The Daily Conversation Join the conversation on Discover A Lot More

Chicago City Digital Network — JC DeCaux

If you drive in Chicago, you’ve probably seen these large digital ipads in the sky. The whole shebang is called the Chicago City Digital Network and Jones Sign Company fabricated and installed these for the City of Chicago in partnership with Interstate/JCDecaux. Discover A Lot More

Research Series: Digital City Exchange

The Digital City Exchange is breaking new ground in the exploration and development of smart cities. In this video, find out how this cross-faculty project with the Business School and the Faculty of Engineering is helping to revolutionise city infrastructure. Discover A Lot More

Digital Media City, Seoul

Digital Media City is a high-tech complex for digital technologies, housing ubiquitous networked offices, apartments, exhibitions, conference halls and cultural centers in Seoul, South Korea. (Wikipedia) Discover A Lot More

Koke Benavides Crowdfunding “Digital City”

Proyecto crowdfunding para recaudar fondos y financiar mi primer álbum solista. Ingresa a y has tu aporte para ayudarme a concretar este proyecto, todos los aportes reciben recompensas que van desde la descarga del disco Discover A Lot More