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Mug Printing Beware Cheap Sublimation Mugs Here is my mug printing training dvd. Beware buying cheap sublimation mugs as they can have an inferior coating on them and could mean that your mug images fade Discover A Lot More

Amazing Cheap 3D Printing Pen – Draw in Mid-Air!

This 3D printing pen is super cool and really quite cheap and affordable: Like my facebook page, you will make my day: Google+: The Discover A Lot More

How I Built a $60 Screen Printing Cart

Screen printing carts are cool because they are a mobile surface you can mount your table top screen printing kit to. They usually have lots of shelves for storage but they are expensive. I found a cheap alternative by going to Ikea and buying a Discover A Lot More

Cheap 3d printing pen review and demo!!

Watch a cheap 3d printing pen in action. Buy this product at: Subscribe for weekly Reviews | Hacks | Facts Facebook: Twitter: Discover A Lot More

Cheap printer + Cheap photo paper

I have some cheap, unused, glossy “photo” paper that I haven’t used since I bought it years ago. The idea of using it with my ~0 Epson XP-310 printer popped in my head, and I wanted to try to see how “bad” it’d actually be if I did that. ===================== Website: Facebook: Discover A Lot More

Why Parents Should Buy a Cheap 3-D Printer

Now that 3-D printers like New Matter’s Mod-T cost less than 0, they’re a lot more accessible to families and schools. Personal Tech columnist Geoffrey A. Fowler explains some of the fun parents and children can have with them. Photo/Video: Emily Discover A Lot More