Below is compiled a highly rare yet incredible collection of historical photos.

Together they will give you a mind stimulating look at some fascinating moments caught on film from the past. These were not easy to get a hold of, so hope you’ll enjoy this awesome collection of historical moments and share with friends and family.

1. Boxing in Yankee stadium. (1923)

2. A Russian spy laughing through his execution. (1939)

3. The evacuation of Saigon, in which some 45 UH-1 Hueys and one CH-47 Chinook were pushed overboard to make room for others to land. (1975)

4. The first passengers on the brand new New York subway. (1904)

5. Ernest Hemingway at a Havana bar. (date unknown)

6. Princeton students after a Freshman/Sophomore snowball fight. (1893)

7. Policemen inspecting a “lumber truck” that smelled of alcohol during prohibition. (1926)

8. Archduke Franz Ferdinand with wife on the day they’re assassinated, which contributed to the start of WWI. (1914)

9. A native American watching the newly completed transcontinental railroad in Nevada. (1868)

10. The oldest running car on the planet: the 1884 De Dion, Bouton et Trepardou Dos-à-Dos.

11. A newly liberated French citizen happily lights Winston Churchill’s cigar. (1944)

12. A woman who survived the Nagasaki bombing. (1945)

13. Queen Elizabeth during her WWII service.

14. The last picture of the Titanic before sinking. (1912)

15. A pyramid of helmets from captured German soldiers on display in New York. (1918)

16. Construction of Brasilia City, which would later become the capital of Brazil. (1960)

17. Boeing 707 doing a barrel roll. When questioned about the stunt, the test pilot said: “just selling airplanes.”

18. Niels Bohr and Albert Einstein debating over quantum mechanics. (1925)

19. Fidel Castro and Malcolm X. (1960)

20. 106-year-old Armenian woman protecting her home with an AK-47. (1990)

21. Star Wars set at lunchtime.

22. A WWI submarine washed ashore on the beach in England.

23. William Harley and Arthur Davidson. (1914)

24. Execution of a German communist in Munich. (1919)

25. Muhammad Ali trying to talk down a suicidal man. (1981)

26. Construction of Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. (1939)

27. The assembly line of Porsche 911s at the Stuttgart factory. (1970)

28. American soldiers discover Manet’s painting hidden in the salt mines of Merker, Germany. (1945)

29. John Young and Charles Duke training for the Apollo 16 mission in the New Mexico desert.

30. A rebel soldier tosses a grenade into a loyalist position in Burgos, Spain. (1936)

31. Anne Frank pokes her head out of her family’s flat in Amsterdam. (1942)

32. Archaeologist Howard Carter examining the opened sarcophagus of King Tut.

33. Hitler inspecting the massive 800mm “Schwerer Gustav” railway gun – the largest-caliber rifled weapon ever used in combat. (1942)

34. Russian soldiers preparing for a gas attack against German positions. (1916)

35. Eyes of hate: a photo of Goebbels after finding out his photographer is Jewish.

36. The first Wal-Mart store opened in 1962 by Sam Walton. It was called Walton’s Five and Dime.

37. The Boeing B-29 Superfortress bomber that dropped the nuclear bomb over Hiroshima.

38. Albert Einstein’s desk photographed the day after his death.

39. B-32 Bomber Factory in Fort Worth, Texas. (1944)

40. The Cologne cathedral amidst the ruins. (1944)

41. A rare photo of a young Winston Churchill. (1895)

42. The construction of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. (1937)

43. Pre-Taliban days in Afghanistan when women enjoyed professional careers, university education, etc… By mid-90s, the Taliban outlawed employment and education of women over the age of 8.

44. Gadget, the first atomic bomb.

45. The night they ended Prohibition. (December 5, 1933)

46. German prisoners marching to Moscow after their defeat at Belarus. (1944)

47. Testing a bulletproof vest. (1923)

48. Gas masks for babies tested at an English hospital. (1940)

49. Control room of the UB-110 German submarine. (1918)

50. A V-1 flying bomb “buzzbomb” plunging toward London. (1945)

51. Buzz Aldrin taking a selfie in space. (1966)

52. Samuel Reshevsky, age 8, defeating several chess masters at once in France. (1920)

53. USAAF B-25 sinks Japanese destroyer Amatsukaze off the coast of Xiamen, China. (1945)

54. An assassin attacking the socialist politician Inejiro Asanuma in Tokyo, Japan. (1960)

55. A US soldier offering his hand to a woman leaving a cave during WWII.

56. The first car factory in the US for Ford (1926).

57. Allied forces mocking Hitler (1945).

58. A US soldier replacing “Adolf-Hitler-Str.” sign with “Roosevelt Blvd” in Berlin, Germany. (1945)

59. The 2,800 years old kiss.

60. Nine Kings in one photo. (1910)

61. Mark Twain pays a visit to Nikolai Tesla’s lab. (1894)

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