50 Things I Love About NYC

This is the result of an idea that has lived in my head for years, so I figured it was time to finally bring it to life. Come with me on this mini adventure and see why New York City has captured my heart!

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Maybe 50 Things To Make You Smile? 50 Things I Love About LA? The sky is the limit! ­čÖé

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9 Thoughts on 50 Things I Love About NYC

  1. Thulsa Doom

    Brooklyn…but she didn't mention bed stuy or East NY LOL…tourists smh..but then again who wants to visit there hahah´╗┐

  2. Maddie Lamonica

    wait i didn't know that you could only find trees and bricks in New york city —- guess i live in nyc…. who knew´╗┐

  3. One day I'll go to NYC and do all the things she listed. Enjoy the parks and read a book, go to a little cafe and have food, watch people playing their guitars, check out different neighborhoods, rent a bike, admire architecture, petting cute dogs, see the city from the other side , walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, take photos of street art in Brooklyn , eat NY Pizza and Bagels and last but not least enjoy the sunset and the nightlife.´╗┐

  4. abcdef qhijkl

    i live in nyc and times square and the crowded areas in midtown are my least favorite places! if u ever come to nyc please dont let those places depict ur opinion on the city as a whole. theres so much to explore and many calm places.´╗┐

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