Day: May 17, 2017

CIP: Under the influence

Under the influence is a short capsule project. Giving light to resonating designers and creating a Video in their style. For this project my inspiration was Shepard Fairey an American Graphic Designer behind the famous Obama ‘hope’ Campaign Discover A Lot More

Starting a T-Shirt Business with DTG

Starting Your Own T-Shirt Business is a great introduction to DTG Printing that shows you the entire process, including ink costs, t-shirt preparation and all the equipment you’ll need. Show on the DTG Viper from Discover A Lot More

10 cold, hard truths about owning a 3D printer

3D printers. You know you want one. But do you really need it? Let’s talk the cold, hard truths about owning a 3D Printer. Do you agree with my list? Did I miss anything important? And I promise I do a little funny at the end for you all. For something Discover A Lot More


Here is a revision on my video tutorial “Mastering Fine Art Printing and Color Management” about Fine Art Print Lab recommendations. Nevada Art Printing (Las Vegas) owner Robert Park is now producing the best high gloss color prints in the world. Discover A Lot More